An evening with Kevin Smith

A couple years after Evil_Bastard’s suggestion, I finally watched this recording of Kevin’s lectures of misc colleges. It was interesting, I had to check the numbers on some things. Chasing Amy and Jersey Girl both booked $25M in box office returns. The difference is that Chasing Amy cost $250k to make and Jersey Girl cost $35M.

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2 Responses to An evening with Kevin Smith

  1. Evil_bastard says:

    Hey, it\’s about time!

    I thought the \”An evening with Kevin Smith\” DVD was more entertaining than Jersey Girl or JSBSB. I think I\’m going to wait for Clerks 2 to come out on dvd before I see it.

  2. adrienne says:

    I LOVE an evening with Kevin Smith!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Too bad he’s married. Too bad I’m married 🙂
    Yes, I still have my thing for Kevin Smith.

    Spoken like a true Dad, Evil Bastard. I will also have to wait for DVD or more likely HBO. I have used my one movie of the year on the crappy Reston Mulitplex. I am avoiding reading anything on clerks 2. I want an untainted opinion walking in.

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