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Which Pre-1985 Video Game Charater are You?

I am a Scorched Earth Tank. When I have a mission, it consumes me; I will not be satisfied until the job is done. I have a strong sense of duty, and a strong sense of direction. Changes in the … Continue reading

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Why don’t new Anti-spam laws extend to analog mail?

I’ve just read that the first spammer to incur criminal charges under new legislation has been arrested, and was arraigned in a NY state court. It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of this (or any subsequent cases) and whether … Continue reading

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Hmm, perhaps Alamoure should emigrate.

According to this poll Scandinavian countries are the best places to be a mother. The United States is ranked 11th, behind practically every other industrial nation.

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Villa Incognito

I’ve just finished reading Tom Robbins’s latest novel, Villa Incognito. This one starts out a bit slowly, with a psuedo-prologue discussing Japanese animal anscestor spirits and their 19th century antics; then jumps quickly to Seattle, 2001, where two sisters see … Continue reading

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Scotland, PA

I liked this movie. It’s based on MacBeth, is set in the ’70’s, stars Christopher Walken, and features a soundtrack by Bad Company. What’s not to like? I give it a B+

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Jumping the Shark

No, this doesn’t refer to an obscure martial arts move. “Jumping the Shark” is this website’s term for when a television show went bad. In my opinion, they’re mostly all bad from day o­ne. Enjoy.

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Television is for pusillanimous sheep

Yesterday, while visiting a couple of friends, I relaxed my abnegation from television for an evening. I’d almost forgotten what an insipid medium it is, especially the news.

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Open Letter to Saddam

Dude,With the weapons inspections not going so hot lately, and the threat of getting yourself deposed in the time it takes to make homebrew, you’ve got to be sweating it. Although, I really can’t sympathize with you, I asked myself … Continue reading

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Scourge of the Hockey Spinster; Washington 3, Tampa 0

Monday, December 23, 2002: the Washington Capitals achieved a shutout and a three goal victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning at the MCI center.

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Taking a Constitutional: Final Installation

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything on this topic, that I’m sure most faithful readers have forgotten it — or have at least forgotten the details.

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