Bad Apple

Really underwhelmed with my Apple experience recently.

1) Purchased new Retina MBP as soon as it goes on sale in June
2) Late June – discover video redraw issues
3) Early August – Apple swaps out my laptop for a new one (first trip to Genius bar)
4) A couple days after getting new laptop, I order AppleCare
5) November, I start noticing flicking video issues

6) Call Apple support to discuss. They *won’t* talk to me, saying warranty doesn’t cover software. I tell them I’m calling about what I think is a hardware issue. They tell me I have to go into store, can’t get phone support. I point out that I purchased AppleCare. They don’t have any record of it. Redirect me to AppleCare services where I spent half an hour reading serial and web purchase numbers at them until they find it, and apply it to my laptop. Out of time, so have to wait to call back.
7) Call back, talk to tech support. They agree it’s probably hardware, but I have to take it to a store for somebody to look at before we can do anything.
8) Visit store. Arrive on time for my appointment, need to wait 15 minutes before somebody can talk to me. Laptop isn’t showing problem, but I show the tech the issue via Youtube, and he agrees it’s hardware – needs to order logic board and screen (no parts in stock?) plus it’s Thanksgiving weekend, etc. Can I leave laptop for a week? No – I need it for work. Tells me to call back in a week, make three appointments in a row online, bring in laptop and they can replace parts while I wait. (2nd trip to Genius bar)
9) Call store – explain story to tech, they get it – but they don’t have enough people in house to do repair today. Can I call back tomorrow?
10) Call back next day. Explain story to tech – sure, come on in.
11) Go into store. Fifteen minutes later, explaining story to tech again. At first he thinks all parts were already replaced, then he asks me about ordering them. Finally he understands, finds a tech, and I wait 45 minutes while parts are replaced. (3rd trip to Genius bar)
12) Success! No more screen flickering or image retention issues! On the other hand, only one of my two USB ports works now.
13) Make new appointment at Apple store
… to be continued. But so far, I’m at 4 trips to the Genius bar in four months. This is crazy considering I didn’t go once on the last macbook pro.

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