Business idea #2471 – mail analog to digital

So here’s an idea for a business:
– You have your mail all forwarded to a virtual PO box at a company
– The company scans all your mail into PDFs and shreds the physical items
– Company sends you a daily email with picture and sender/recipient address and name summaries
– Company archives all the contents on it’s website for one year
– You can download and store pdf’s of each and any item, or search via OCR against keyworks or sender or recipient names/addresses
– Revenue model is an ad inserts at the top and bottom of each email, and top and bottom of each pdf.

I even have a name for it: DigiPost, or PostScan, or MailManager or something.

Negative sides:
– Privacy
– Theft
– Identity theft

Anybody who uses this business idea has to credit me for the concept :-).

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