Chez Bastard

In the process of closing on a house. I figure, it’s about time. I now know more than I ever wanted about things like siding and easements and cross-base concrete foundations. Took us 5 days and 3 offers to get a house at the price point we wanted in the “right” school district.

Anyway, supposed to take posession next month. Will post some pictures after we close on it.

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  1. zinger says:

    Congrads. The first time was really scary for me. That’s a big number on the bottom of the page that you owe. After that, doesn’t faze you so much.

  2. Evil_bastard says:

    Yep, know the feeling. Luckily, it’s a newer house, so I won’t have to sink a bunch of work into it in addition. We’d paid off the car we bought last year and paid cash (difference of trade in on one we’d shipped here from VA) for another this year, so the mortgage isn’t on top of a bunch of other payments, which helps ease the anxiety.

  3. adrienne says:

    Road trip to Washington State. 🙂

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