Christmas – Open Season on the Sister-in-Law

I wasn’t going to post my yearly obnoxious toy ideas needed for nephews. I thought I have grown past that. Well, apparently I haven’t. I have asked my Sister-in-law – and I DO like my brother’s wife A LOT – gift idea’s for her 15, 12, and 7 year old boys. I am grateful that she gave me ideas for her 15 yr old. Got his at the 50% off sale at Kohls at 11pm one night. BIG CHECK MARK. The theoretically easier two, I have no idea. I have asked her repeatedly. She missed my big Amazon order (couldn’t hold up the Santa Order). I have one run to Target left in me.

Years past I have done “implements of destruction” such as Lacrosse Sticks and Light Sabers. I did the RC car to chase the cats with last year. I have done the loud growling dinosaur with the glow in the dark paint that rubbed off on everything – hey at least when he lost the thing he just had to turn off the lights and follow the glowing trail.

SO folks it’s open season and I need ideas…

… it can’t be a fire arm (including Bebe guns) or a weapon.

Other than that I am pretty open to ideas and I am calling on your creative capabilities.

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4 Responses to Christmas – Open Season on the Sister-in-Law

  1. adrienne says:

    You guys have seriously let me down

  2. Pilgrim says:

    They now have trucks and cars that play Queen songs very loudly (without a volume button). They are always good for the 7 year olds and they can also be programmed (a little) to drive around. Plus the batteries seem to last forever…

    Drums are also a good thing for the older one… Perhaps a large bag of marbles….

  3. adrienne says:

    Those are great ideas. And I’m sure the cats will love the cars/trucks. Cars and trucks have a tendency to be destroyed within the first year. Balls have a 3 mo life cycle. The drums would complement the older one’s trombone. However, they’d probably get him a hottie drum teacher just like his trombone teacher.

  4. zinger says:

    Drums are totally the gift that keeps on giving. Along with all percussive instruments – triangles, xylophones, etc.

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