Cycling Fashion Don’ts….

While Biking home last Friday I saw some rather Big Fashion Don’ts.  Now, I’m not a fashion diva in any sense, but these were so WRONG.

1.  Do not wear underware underneath bike shorts.  Trust me.  You will not be happy with the results.

2.  The Bike Jersey goes over the straps to your bib shorts. 

3.  It’s time to get new bike shorts if I can see your crack through them.  Please please throw them out.  I don’t need to see hairy butts on the bike trail.

By obeying these simple rules, the Friends of the WO&D Trail say Thank You!

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3 Responses to Cycling Fashion Don’ts….

  1. Evil_bastard says:

    At least you didn’t have to ride on the same trail as this guy.

    Not sure if original link was ever a article, but here it is again.

  2. zinger says:

    Um, pardon my ignorance – but it would seem that cycling pants w/o underwear might cause a bit of Dromedary Hoof on the fairer sex.

  3. crance says:

    A- kinda worried that you even thought of looking-but then again, I have to agree on the underware thingy– it should be written somewhere in the rule books! The best part is that you did not crash when looking…..

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