Daft Punk

It seems that, when he was a child, his father, the Earl of Darkwood, was performing some sort of alchemic experiment which caused his own death, but left his son alive, possibly with immortality, making him the new (and present) Earl. Using astronomy, the Earl discovered the wormhole which he use to travel to an alien world and kidnap the first of his many victims, with whom he achieved fame. Underneath Darkwood Manor, the alien was cast into a chasm as a sacrifice, his purpose served. This continued with several more such abductions, aliens of differing planets all made into human clones and made to work as musicians, each earning the Earl his coveted Gold Records, and then disposed of. The book reveals that, when 5555 of these Gold Records have been claimed, the Earl will unleash a tremendous power which will allow him to rule the entire globe, and the Crescendolls themselves marked Gold Record #5555.

Horrified, the band looks up from the tome to find themselves surrounded by the Earl’s guards, who escorts them to the chamber of the underground chasm, where the Earl is waiting for them. He grabs Stella and thrusts her into a massive device lined with his Gold Records, which causes her to shriek in pain as he recites an incantation. The remaining band members struggle against the guards, one of who fires at Baryl, but he reflects it with the crystal Shep gave the group. In a rage, the Earl rushes Arpegius, but he misses and plunges into the chasm, followed mindlessly by his followers, their demise accented by a surging glow. Arpegius removes Stella from the device, and the band flees from the castle, which collapses on itself.

After learning the technology that the Earl of Darkwood had used on them, the band travels back to the record company. Octave breaks in, and ties up a cleaner in order to steal his clothes, which means that would be able to walk around the building with less suspicion (not that it mattered much anyway, as the guards were too busy watching a soccer match). After looking around the building, Octave finds the master recording of One More Time, in which the four memory disks are found. After France scores in the soccer match, one of the guards looks at security footage showing Octave leaving a room. Just afterwards, the cleaner who Octave tied up falls over near to where the guards are sitting, which makes the guards start to search the building for the intruder. Octave exits the elevator, but then is surrounded by the guards. He reaches into his jacket to show the guards what has been going on, but one of them believes that Octave was reaching for a gun, and uses a stun gun of him. Octave immediately falls to ground, and starts to twitch uncontrollably, but straight afterwards, the executive exits from the lift, sees what has happened, and rushes to Octave’s aid. Due to the electric shock, Octave turns back into his original skin colour, much to the surprise of the witnesses. The executive takes the paper from Octave’s hand, which reveals to him what the disks are. The police, who were undoubtably notified of the intrusion, surround the vehicle that the rest of the band are in. The view cuts to Darkwood Manor, which shows the soul of Earl of Darkwood travelling into space, and then afterwards, back to the vehicle, where the police are advancing towards the vehicle. We then see Octave fall unconscious…”

Quite possibly the strangest and longest music video I’ve ever seen.

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