A new version of DD-WRT has been released.

This replacement firmware for the WRT54G and other routers is available now.

05.16.06 3:18 am

Subject: Its done.
DD-WRT v23 SP1 final is now available for download in the following distributions:
micro – made for low memory and flash space devices. its does support the WRT54G/GS v5 too. but you need a jtag adapter to get it on this unit for the first time. consult the dd-wrt wiki for step by step instructions
mini – minimal feature set dd-wrt. it contains almost everything you need and leaves also enough flash space free for doing some customization using jffs
standard – standard feature set dd-wrt which contains almost everything you need for professional usage including snmp, hotspot features like chillispot and sputnik ™.
voip – contains a additional SIP Gateway Routing system for managing SIP capable devices in a private network
vpn – contains a full featured openvpn client for high secure network connections.


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