Dear Mr. Bruckheimer please contact the Powerpuff Girls

Dear Mr. Bruckheimer,

I was very excited to watch the first CSI: Miami epsiode since November last week, but do I despise the split screening you keep using in the series.  The second half of last season and all of this season has been filled with annoying useless split screening.  Do you have to use it in every episode?  It doesn’t add to the quality of the show.  It’s like that annoying guy on “Top Chef” who sticks a foam on everyone of his dishes.  WHY does it have to be there?

If you have to do it, please contact the Powerpuff Girls.  I was watching the Powerpuff Girls Christmas movie this Holiday Season with the husband and they did split screening.  We turned to each other and said, “Hey that was cool.”  So apparenlty it is a great technique when used appropriately.

So tonight I will record CSI:Miami.  I hope I’m not annoyed when I watch it this weekend, but the Magic Eight Ball says to be prepared to fastforward through it.

Best Regards


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