Giant Food, How do I hate thee, let me count the ways…

Yes I vowed on this website four years ago in January never ever to shop at Giant again.  This is after their PeaPod Grocery Delivery Service left $150 worth of groceries on my door step during an ATTENDED delivery stop.  I think Evil Bastard is still Deaf from my Angry Angry Panda screaming moment. 

Well, at 9pm ET Saturday I went to the grocery store.  I had no milk or bread.  The essentials for breakfast.  I had maybe 17 items in the cart.  There was no one in the store.  No one in either of the two open lines.  So I pulled into the first line I reached not paying attention to the signs.  It was the No Candy, No Tabloids Aisle.  It was also the 15 items and less line.  MAY I REPEAT THE STORE WAS EMPTY AND NO ONE WAS IN LINE OR IN EITHER CHECKOUT???  “Miss, I can’t check you out.”  I had half way emptied my cart.  He’s pointing to the 15 and less sign.  “I don’t go through lines with either tabloids or candy.”  And I made him check me out.   And I asked for stamps making it 18 items in the 15 or less line.  No one checked out or was in line the entire time I was there. 

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