Greater adventures of pork

When Tennessee law enforcement officials showed up at the home of Lester
Siler, who they suspected of drug use, they asked Lester’s wife and son to
leave. They didn’t know that Lester’s wife had turned on a tape recorder in
the kitchen. When Lester exercised his constitutional right not to sign a
consent to search his house, these officers spent the next two hours
torturing him. They beat him with bats and guns, held loaded guns to his
head, threatened to shoot him, dunked his head in the toilet, burned him
with lighters, attached his testicles to a battery charger, threatened to
cut off his fingers, and threatened to “go get” his wife and take his child
away from him. Then they arrested him for “evading arrest”. It wasn’t until
the wife’s recording made it to the FBI that all hell broke loose. And go
figure, even though these officers have been convicted in federal court,
not one national media outlet gave this story the coverage it deserved. But
that’s okay.

to listen to tape recording, go here:

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