Guns and Such: I just bought a GP WASR-10

More commonly just called a “Romanian AK-47.” It’s more or less similar specs to an AK-47 (7.62 mm, semi-auto, looks like an AKM), has pre-ban features like bayonet lug, pistol grip, high capacity 30-round magazines (I got two with the purchase, but only one is functional — the other, it seems, has a problem with the spring), and threaded muzzle (for add-ons like a flash suppressor for firing blank rounds). the WASR-10 is imported by Century Arms and, due to import restrictions for the model, has some U.S. manufactured parts (like the trigger mechanism) in place of the Romanian ones.


Mine actually came with a Romanian Soviet style bayonet (really cool looking, kind of like a scaled down Rambo knife — mounts with the blade facing upward, which, at first I thought was backward looking, until I considered that if a soldier were to have to go from the firing position to use his bayonet, then he’s less likely to slice toward himself with the blade facing up rather than down).

Soviet Bayonet

At $449, I got this model at MSRP, and it’s in “new” condition. The quotes are there because: the WASR-10 is typically Romanian army surplus (supposedly never issued). Mine had a magazine pouch (that looks used) in the box, a full, unopened cleaning kit (this is a tube that fits into a compartment in the rifle stock and includes a sight adjustment tool), a used tin gun-oil can (Romanian army issue) the bayonet (which is brand new) and the sling (also brand new). The gun is in excellent condition, but some of the machine parts and wood stock look a little rough (I chalk it up to the Eastern Bloc manufacture ethic of function over form and actually picked this rifle over fancier looking ones for authenticity).

Before going to the range, I found an online posting of the U.S. Army AK-47 operations manual (the gun came with a very thin Century Arms pamphlet on how to disassemble it but that was it) and read up on the features, how to use the site adjustment tool, etc.

I fired the gun yesterday and it was already sighted pretty well. Seems to live up to its reputation for durability and ease of use (hence the multiple quotes Nicholas Cage got to spew in “Lord of War”). The WASR-10, however, is machined a little differently than a standard AK-47 due to its once low-capacity magazine limitations, and then conversion back to high capacity. I have found that inserting and releasing the magazine is a little clunkier than expected but have read that one can file some of the rough edges in the magazine housing and alleviate this problem (will try to do this carefully sometime, as I’m no gunsmith).

I have the sling installed, can get get the bayonet on and off with a little difficulty (seems that it takes a few brute force attempts before the parts start to cooperate, more filing of the catch on the bayonet itself might help) and am all set to have it sit in a closet and collect dust after I get around to cleaning it.

On another note: while I enjoy marksmanship as a hobby and support the 2nd amendment, I’m always a little put off by the reactionary mindset of people in and around the firearm industry. It seems I can’t go into a firing range or gunshop and not overhear the common cowardly “if someone breaks into my house, I have an arsenal at my disposal” fantasy discussed at length by either a bone skinny or morbidly obese guy, with little or no real weapons training, buying a high calibre handgun that he’d more likely end up injuring himself than stopping a home invader with.

Likewise, at the range, I get the firing lane next to the idiot with an M-4 who puts a life-size sillouette target 5 ft in front of him, shoots as fast as he can on semi-auto, and can’t get a grouping less than 5ft in diameter. I’m no Natty Bumppo, but I can at least get a decent shot grouping at 100 ft in an indoor range on a small target.

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  1. zinger says:

    Very nice, congrads. For some reason I had lumped the entire west coast into an area that wouldn’t allow such items. I’m glad to see it’s not true.

    Interesting enough, jlin just got a gun.

    And so did Jason.

  2. Evil_bastard says:

    Nice HK 93, is it? Also, is that an over and under shotgun/rifle combo or two different guages of shotgun?
    Yeah, I’ve found that the Pac NW still has a hunting and firearm culture — however, speaking of HK’s, I’d considered getting
    an MP-5, but they’re banned here in WA.

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