I hate Sallie Mae

Every month I write a check to Sallie Mae.  I figure my husband’s student loan will be paid off when Q goes to college.  Last month Sallie Mae electronically took $200 more than they should have.  I WANT MY $200 BACK.  Because they electronically cashed my check, my bank would not help me.  I wrote out three hundred blah blah blah.  They still cashed it for five hundred blah blah.  I have carbon copy of the check.  My husband called Sallie Mae and they wanted a copy of my bank statement and a copy of the check.  They wanted proof.  UNACCEPTABLE.  My husband sat on and off hold for over an hour asking for supervisor over supervisor.  It was their error.  They know how much they took and they know how much we owe.  They had applied the $200 to next month’s payment and not the principal.  Unacceptable.  If they had applied it to the principal, I would have been a little less Better Off Dead – I want my $2!!!!  But I wasn’t.

They couldn’t refund the money “because we have to wait for the check to clear.”  IT WAS ELECTRONICALLY DEDUCTED WEEKS AGO.  How do you think I knew they took too much?  There is no waiting on the check to clear.  But they were completely unreasonable on “your error.”  Buddy, you cashed it.  I wrote it right.  So we are suppose to see a refund in 10 days.  Check back in then.

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2 Responses to I hate Sallie Mae

  1. Evil_bastard says:

    I haven’t seen a Better Off Dead reference in a long time. Maybe you should sic the cartoon bunnies or a rabid dolphin on Sallie Mae.

  2. adrienne says:

    Sallie Mae has not returned my money 10 days later. Keep posted.

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