I need my tool part 2

So I was in Reston on Saturday shopping/walking the kids.  I parked between my lines… with space to spare.  I swear I did.  I have to with two kids and my big belly.  I come back to the car and I can’t open the driver side car door let alone get to the door thanks to a New Hampshire Audi.  I had to have Four climb in from the passenger side and than my seven month pregnant self had to climb over the passenger side to the driver’s side and than reach over to the back seat and buckle Four in.  I so wanted to key the car, but I didn’t.  The whole way home I played the “Gone In Sixty Seconds” Sound Track and mumbled “I need to get my tool… that’s not a tool.. that’s a damn brick”  So happy New Year New Hampshire Audi driver.  Your car was not scarred by me.

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