I’m going to get my tool….

I live behind the PE Field of an elementary school. It’s kind of nice… no neighbors and you hear the kids on the playground at recess. You also get a 6:15 wake up call when the four school buses start up and it’s home of weekend soccer games. Every November there is a big soccer tournament… so big that people end up parking almost by my house in the cul de sac both Saturday and Sunday. The school parking lot, the pool parking lot, the tennis parking lot, and two streets were parked. Sunday at 6:15 am some car alarm went off for 15 minutes in the school parking lot – my bedroom window. I rolled over and told my husband “I’m going to get my tool…” “That’s not a tool… that’s a damn brick.” Luckily for the offending vehicle, it stopped just as i was putting on my sweats.

I’m 6 months pregnant with a bad cold with two kids with bad colds. I need some sleep.

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  1. Jason says:

    Or in a couple of other houes holds, that’s not a tool, that’s a friggin cannon!

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