So, I went and bought an ipad. Yes – it is indeed awesome. Only complaints so far…

Meebo needs to hurry up and go high res. Apple needs better notification/multitask solutions. And google reader has scroll issues sometimes.

More screenshots:

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  1. zinger says:

    Additional complaints:
    The clock application that comes with the iPhone is missing from the iPad.
    You can use the calendar app if you want a wake up alarm, but stopwatch, and timer are gone.

    Now I’m sure you can download a dozen stopwatch or timer applications from the iTunes store, but the problem is that as apps, they won’t run in the background – so you don’t really know if they’ll still be running after the lock screen kicks in, and almost certainly won’t be running after you end the app to launch safari or something. That’s a lot of functionality lost, I use my iPhone timer all the time when cooking.

  2. mike says:

    So keep using your iPhone timer

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