It’s Assanine…

I have kept potty out of Zinger’s site for almost 6 years.  Since he’s on a Island vacation and I’m stuck in an under construction house on a Rainy Saturday with three cranky kids, I’m going to ask the important question….

Why WHy WHY does boy underware have the cool picture on the butt where the kid can’t see it????  Which makes Four want to put his underware on backwards so he can see the picture??  Girls underware isn’t like that… the cute little pic is on the front OR the entire underware is the print.  What ASSANINE (and yes pun was intended) thought that up??  Did someone think it would be funny for me to spend a rainy Saturday trying  to reason with my almost four yr old little man to put his underware on the right way even though it makes no sense???  the cool Power Ranger picture on his butt where he can’t see it makes no sense.  no wonder potty training boys is harder… the incentive is not there.

So please explain….

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  1. chrism says:

    1) buy thomas the tank engine underwear – print on front and back
    2) buy speed-racer underwear – print on front and back
    3) buy plain grey or blue solid color underwear

    – rejoice! (because diaper time is OVER!)

  2. adrienne says:

    We actually bought the Thomas ones at the same time we purchased the Power Ranger ones. In the three pack of Thomas briefs, one is a print with Railroad signals, track, etc. He doesn’t like that one. The other two have little dinky pictures on the front, nice cool Thomas on the front… not the same. He wants to see the cool pic in the front. Power Ranger and Spiderman are the same. The Spiderman ones even glow in the dark. Someone explain to me what good is glow in the dark underwear for a four year old?

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