It’s the veritcally challenged older ones you have to worry about….

When I was 27 I started doing Step Aerobics two days a week and I was biking three days a week.  I started going to “Step 101″ at the gym across from work.  I affectionately called it Step for Dummies.  The instructor walked in and she was a chubby vertically challenged middle age woman.  I thought this can’t be that hard.  She kicked my ass.  She played great music and had great combinations.  I was drenched and she hadn’t broken a sweat.  She taught spinning, pilates, step, and abs every week.  A year after getting my self toasted twice a week, I had to stop everything but walking because I was pregnant with Q.  I wasn’t even allowed to do pregnancy yoga which I was happy about since I had just started yoga and yoga and I didn’t like each other.

So last year I finally got cleared to work out again after Q and Four.  I biked last spring, but wanted to start Step up again at the local Community Center.  So I signed up for 6am Friday Step.  Now da Husband’s opinion of Community Center is that it’s just a bunch of fat house wives pretending to work out.  He has witnessed these classes when he took Q to Tot Gymnastics.  My 6am Friday instructor is tall and thin.  Her music more or less sucks, but I moved which was the point.

I did a Make Up Class last month on Tuesday (i.e. Adrienne chose sleep over exercise one Friday).  6am Friday Step should really be 6:05am Step with three other people.  Tuesday step is 5:55 step with 20 people.  No lights allowed- my vampire self was very happy about that – and it was a short, chubby, middle age woman from NJ playing kick ass music singing ‘oh baby baby” and kicking my ass all over the place.  LOVED LOVED it.  If it was only on Fridays….

So one Friday I walk in to Step at 6:05 and there is a large guy in the class.  I missed most of the stretching and I’m hurting because I’m old now.  After stretching there is a few minutes of basic moves before full out step.  Not today – straight into power moves.  All of a sudden there was all of these cha cha cha dance crap.  Are we trying to drive the poor guy out?  Lets make him go over the step, do three repeater knees, a cha cha cha and than a few flying angels… Are we trying to drive him away?  Is this gender hazing? 

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  1. chrism says:

    oh, preggie yoga… I remember that. I went with my wife to ‘show support’ and ‘be supportive’. Funny thing, I was the ONLY MAN EVER to have taken that class. I felt so… gay. Then, to make matters worse, with like 10 women in the class half of which were 7-8 months pregnant the instructor seemed to REALLY LIKE to single me out. She gave me all sorts of attention, this really upset the pregnant wife… She still holds a grudge about it today.

  2. adrienne says:

    hey, at least you didn’t flirt with the obgyn while your wife is on the table giving birth…..

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