It’s this type of shit HP and Windows

So first of all – this is *horrible*. This pops up when I print something on my new HP printer. It disrupts my user experience, makes me less productive, and distracts me from what I was doing. I now have to read this message and figure out what to do about it.

Secondly – you don’t get this type of crap on a mac. I assume that’s because Apple refused to have their system filled with this type of ‘crapware’. That’s another reason why the user experience is better on apple products.

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3 Responses to It’s this type of shit HP and Windows

  1. Jason says:

    Hope you’ve looked online to see if there is a way to disable that, b/c that is one big huge PITA.

  2. zinger says:

    Yea – I’ve done a lot of looking and searching on HP’s site. I uninstalled the full application set and installed the minimal – and that seems to have helped reduce the number of pop-ups. but it’s still incredible frustrating. This is enough to convince me not to buy any more of these printers.

  3. zinger says:

    Possible solution:

    hkey_local_machine\software\hewlett-packard\HPDJ printing system config\
    find current printer model
    set hpdjenablestatusclient to zero.

    I would have deleted the program, but taskmgr says it’s rundll.

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