I’m spending a month in Kaua’i, and thanks to some extremely generous friends, lodging is covered – while cashing in some of the last decade of air miles covers the flight.

I left Dulles at 9:40AM on July 6th, and landed in Lihue Airport (pronounced lee-who-ay, which makes sense when you see it spelled LiHu’e) around 8pm local time (2AM Eastern). IAD to SFO is about 5.5 hours, and SFO to LIH is about the same – so you’re looking at around 12 hours flying time. With layover in SFO, I had about a 17 hour trip.
kauai - 7

First views of the Island from the air.
kauai - 18

kauai - 29

It was dark by the time I got the rental car – but the 45 or so minute trip north from LIH to Princeville wasn’t bad.
kauai - 33

I made a bleary eyed run to the local supermarket to get coffee, milk, beer, and blueberry pancake mix for breakfast :-).

Forced myself to stay up until 11pm local time, but woke up at 5am anyways. There’s some feral chickens, and a rooster who’s pleasantly vocal in the morning.

Was able to catch the sun coming up this morning.


I’m going to spend my first day just relaxing, and may do a little exploring in the afternoon.

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