Moment of Silence Please….

Tonight is the last episode of The Gilmore Girls.  The show is coming to an end which I have to sadly agree to since writer/creater Amy Sherman-Palladino left two seasons ago and the writing has been far less than par and almost cringable.  I related a lot to the characters on that show in so many ways.  A few of the scenes I swear were reinactments of my childhood.  So thanks for the laughs, the tears, and the website where Evil Bastard and I would spend the Friday Late Shifts taking Quizzes to finding out if we would be BFF.

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2 Responses to Moment of Silence Please….

  1. Jason says:

    Oh, you mean this show wasn’t off the air 5 years ago?

    Who knew.

  2. chrism says:

    yea, I pretty much called it dead, like Fallwell…

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