My bi-yearly complaint about the time change….

For those playing along at home, it is time for my bi-yearly complaint that whoever thought up this fall back/spring forward time change thingy doesn’t have little kids.. blah blah blah

My over tired, stressed, weekend working mother of two kids under three friend came up with the best idea.  Stop flipping the time.  Cut the difference.  Flip somewhere a half an hr and leave it there forever. 

Mr. Politician if do that and a host of other things you may get The Mommies of the Block’s vote.


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3 Responses to My bi-yearly complaint about the time change….

  1. Evil_bastard says:

    Yeah, the 1 year old goes to bed an hour earlier and, more importantly, wakes up an hour earlier now. Guess who doesn’t sleep in until 7:00 anymore (if you guessed me, then you are correct).

  2. chrism says:

    Oh, so you need to put the child down ‘daddy style’… put them in the crib, say: “sleep well, I love ya!” then right cross!

    works every time… the boy:

    he sleeps just fine when daddy puts him down…

  3. Evil_bastard says:

    Actually, it’s the opposite — she falls asleep just fine and sleeps through the night (she alway has, even as a newborn — we got lucky on that), but wakes up bright and early, ready to throw cheerios. I think the wife needs to throw me the right cross so I’ll go to bed before 1am and stop my griping.

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