Ode to TheraFlu

I was correct.  The only thing worse about being 8 months pregnant and sick with two kids is to be sick with three kids.  I can’t take any worthwhile drugs because I’m nursing.  The Pre-School Snots has hit our house once again.  The husband is in worse shape than I.  Asset got sick at 3 weeks old with them.  They have gone through the older two kids twice.  I don’t know if Asset has it again, but she probably will.  I somehow missed round one, but got smacked in round two.  Gatorade powder dissolved in hot water does not taste like TheraFlu.

All I know is when Asset is two years old and whether I’m sick or not, I’m having a huge steaming mug of TheraFlu whether I’m sick or not and a long sleep.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMY

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