Paypal API breaks security tokens?

A while ago I purchased the PayPal security token, and had really been liking it. The card is nice and small – about the size of a normal credit card, and it generates a key for you with each push of the button, so there’s no waiting for a minute for the next code to arrive. Only initial complaint was that it took about a month to show up, and there wasn’t any sort of tracking message – or even response to my query for info (paypal typical).

Sadly, it looks like when they went to their new API, they broke the token functionality. For the last three days when trying to log in, I get redirected to a page that says error – your code is incorrect, then redirects me to a page where I can reset the hardware keygen – only to have it show a banner with something like ‘communications error’.

In typical fashion, Paypal isn’t responding to my submission to them on the error, nor is there any way around it. The alternative authentication is telling me my social security number is incorrect, and I don’t know my mother’s maiden name – so it’s pretty horribly broken.

Just another example why we need a viable paypal alternative.

Of course with PayPal and Ebay being the same company now – they have no incentive to support other payment options.

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