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A while ago I placed with LCDProc. Back then the equipment was pretty expensive and big, and the configuration wasn’t very easy.

Recently I built a new 2U server to run Zoneminder, and after getting it going – thought it would be nice to have a little display on the front that would show me the current status of the system at a glance.

With a little bit of reading, I found some people seemed to like this display panel.


I placed an order for it on July 2nd, and it arrived on July 11th, which is pretty good for shipping from China.

It was nicely manufactured and shipped, had no instructions of course, and sadly – was black text on green instead of the blue backlit I’d ordered. Ah well.

One of the mistakes on my side was assuming it would fit in a standard drive bay – and it did not. I ended up having to dremel out the right side of the front panel, and also needed to remove one of the screws and supports on the power cluster below to make it fit. Then I used double sided sticky tape to mount it.

I also had a problem where it was only putting two lines of text on the screen instead of the full four. I played with the configuration, and this finally work.

# Specifies the size of the LCD.
# In case of multiple combined displays, this should be the total size.

# For multiple combined displays: how many lines does each display have.
# Vspan=2,2 means both displays have 2 lines.


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