Science puts Enron e-mail to use

“In March 2001, just a few months before Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling resigned, an employee e-mailed him a joke about a policeman pulling over a speeding driver, whose wife subsequently rats him out to the cop for other offenses, including being drunk.

Skilling and Enron chairman Ken Lay, whose federal trial on multiple felony fraud charges starts Monday, might not see the irony that, like the driver’s wife, their e-mails will soon be testifying against them, both in court and in public opinion.”
Story at Wired.
Search The Enron Emails

Search through more hundreds of thousands of email messages to and from 176 former Enron executives and employees from the power-trading operations in 2000-2002.

For the first time, they are available to the public for free through the easy-to-use interface of the InBoxer Anti-Risk Appliance. Create a free account, and go to work. You can search for words, phrases, senders, recipients, and more. (Lots of stuff in there. We found a copy of a message regarding Tom DeLay and political contributions for use in Texas.)

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