Shopgirl (2005)

cover Directed by
Anand TuckerWriting credits (WGA)
Steve Martin (novel)
Steve Martin (screenplay) User Rating: *******___ 6.9/10 (1,630 votes)

Shopgirl plays as “LA Story” meets “I Heart Huckabees“, which should be no suprise since those two movies are, for me at least, the most popular films by our two top male actors.

This movie seemed to be more focused for a female audience, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I seem to miss some aspects of this flick. In any case, we meet Jason Schwartzman as a grossly bad date and Steve Martin as an older “relationship with no strings, but I’ll pay off your college loan” guy.

Claire Danes does a very nice job, but it seemed like half of the film was of her shaving, waxing, or otherwise sou-chief’ing her legs. I did feel rather sorry for her throughout the film as she somehow ends up the victim of every relationship.

Overall, I enjoyed the film – there was quite a few scenes where the actors are intentially so sadly awkward that you pretty much have to laugh – which is something that you don’t see often. I did think that it could do without the Steve Martin voice-overs; but maybe that’s to ring a bell for the female audience.

In any case, it’s certainly worth seeing.

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