Steve Gibson, of GRC accuses Microsoft of putting a backdoor into Windows.

Steve: And so, you know, because I’m a developer when I’m not being a hacker, I wanted to understand – oh, and the other thing is, I want to write a robust testing application, you know, that always works all the time. So I wanted to know, like, okay, what bytes have to be set which way, what matters, what doesn’t. Because, you know, that’s the way you get something that is as solid as, you know, the code that I put out from GRC. So what I found was that, when I deliberately lied about the size of this record and set the size to one and no other value, and I gave this particular byte sequence that makes no sense for a metafile, then Windows created a thread and jumped into my code, began executing my code. Okay, Leo? This was not a mistake. This is not buggy code. This was put into Windows by someone. We are never going to know who. We’re never going to know – well, actually I’m going to find out when because we’re going to know when this appeared because this appeared – I’m guessing this is not in older versions of Windows, which is why this function – or if it is in older versions of Windows, it’s done slightly differently. I’m still on the hunt.So this is not my last report on this. I expect to have a much better sense for this a week from now. But the only conclusion I can draw is that there has been code from at least Windows 2000 on, and in all current versions, and even, you know, future versions, until it was discovered, which was deliberately put in there by some group, we don’t know at what level or how large in Microsoft, that gave them the ability that they who knew how to get their Windows systems to silently and secretly run code contained in an image, those people would be able to do that on remotely located Windows machines…

Leo: So you’re saying intentionally or – Microsoft intentionally put a backdoor in Windows? Is that what you’re saying?

Steve: Yes.

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