Strange batch of … spam?

This soap opera has been coming into one of my gmail accounts.
Hi zinger!

Thank you for registering on Passionate Personals, the web’s best dating site!

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UserName: zinger
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Your Mailbox Number is: 16327345
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The “expressed interest” in you emails are accompanied by pictures (shudder).

Description on the account is: “Nice girl looking for a nice man!”

Under registration info I see a phone number, and the first/last name of: Stanley Hirsh.

At first I thought this was some new inventive email spam scheme, but now I’m thinking my gmail address got typed accidently into somebody’s profile. Not sure how they would have verified the account tho.


I clicked the option to cancel his/her account since it didn’t seem like it would be doing *that person* much good with it sending all that email to me. In the meanwhile, I’ve set the email address to a new random gmail account email address just in case that’s the game that we’re playing here.

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3 Responses to Strange batch of … spam?

  1. zinger says:

    Oh gee, I can see all of this person’s sent mail. There’s 51 generic pickup lines.
    I wish to tell to you about me, my interests and my purposes in a life. I’m the interesting and formed person. I’m looking for my soul mate and second half. If you will reply me I’ll send you my pictures.
    Here my e-mail
    I need a person who wants serious relations.
    I wait for the letter from you.

    This is going way into some 419 spam now.

  2. zinger says:

    Let’s see what happens.

    Eddie to ludmilliol

    Hi there Ludmila,

    Thanks for the message. You promised pictures if I responded?

  3. zinger says:

    to Eddie

    Hello Eddie,
    I am glad to receive today your letter. Many thanks that you have
    found time and have written to me the letter. I very much waited it
    from you.
    I, first of all, worry that you will have a problem in understanding
    of my English language. I studied the English language at school, and
    then at university. Probably my English, differs from your colloquial.
    Tell, you can understand what I speak you? If something will be not
    clear for you, do not hesitate to ask about it. I do not want, that
    between us the essential barrier of language was.
    I really live in Russia, I live in the city of Nizhni Novgorod. It is
    a lot of kilometers divide us, but I hope, that it will not be any
    problem for our dialogue. I want to tell to you, that I done not
    involved with men in Russia and for this purpose there is a reason if
    it is interesting to you, I can tell to you in the following letter. I
    have decided to search for the love outside Russia, I do not know why,
    but I was involved with America. I have addressed to agency of
    acquaintances which to be in our city. I filled in various
    questionnaires, answered some questions, and to me have told, that in
    the first day it will be uneasy to find my competition. To me have
    suggested to come in agency in some days. Yesterday I have come to
    agency of acquaintances and to me have presented some structures of
    men which most approach for me. Also to me informed, that competition
    with some from men reached 95 percent. It is a pity, that on my
    structure it was not possible to place a photo, agency informed, that
    it will be not simple do. I shall send the photo to you today.
    Eddie, I hope you love my photo. Please tell your opinion on my
    pictures. I shall be glad to receive your photos also!
    Now, I probably should tell to you about myself. To me of 31 years, my
    Birthday on December, 14, 1975. My growth of 158 sm, my weight of 51
    kg, I shall try now translate for you unit of notation in your metric
    system. My growth 5 ‘ 8 “, my weight of 112 pounds. It will be better
    to you to judge my appearance on my photo. I very much watch behind
    the appearance, I visit employment aerobics and physical culture, it
    allow to support beauty of my body and elegance top-level. It because
    I the girl, and I should be beautiful is very important for me.
    I am really interested in dialogue with you. I never had dialogue with
    the man from other country. I shall be glad to hear about you, about
    your family, your life? Also it is interesting to me, where you work?
    Tell, Eddie district, where do you live has cultural institutions,
    theatres, exhibitions, museums? I love visit cultural institutions of
    our city. In the last weekend I in the company of my girlfriends have
    visited a planetarium. It was very healthy, we had an opportunity to
    observe the star sky, also we observed planets. Very much it was
    pleasant to me.
    Ok, Eddie, I should finish the letter to you. I hope, you will
    consider my letter serious. I want, that you have considered my letter
    with all gravity and the responsibility. I hope, it was interesting to
    you find out about me, and I borrowed from you was a lot of time.
    Please, write to me. I with impatience wait tomorrow to see your
    letter. Have nice day! Sincerely Lydmila.

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