Stupid click-through download disclaimers

I saw this one today on blackberry’s site.
I warrant that I:
* have not had my export privileges suspended, revoked, or denied by any Government Authority;
* am not on any Government Authority list which would prohibit my access to the Software;
* acknowledge that this Software, and its underlying technology, may be subject to import, export, and/or use controls by Government Authority(ies) by way of law or regulation;
* will not import, use, export, or re-export the Software in violation of any applicable laws or regulations of any Government Authority, including without limitation by:
o failing to obtain any applicable government permits, licenses, or authorizations;
o distributing or exporting the Software to any country, person or entity to which distribution or export is prohibited.

Because if I was a bad person intending bad things, this paragraph would stop me?

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