The iPhone Ghostface Killa

So there’s been much exciting fanboy spooging all over the place about the Apple iPhone, along with lots of complaints about price, storage, exclusivity, battery life, closed platform, what have you. What I find interesting is that basically nobody’s talking about the really exciting phone that’s already out (in Singapore), the Nokia N95.

You can view the Engadget porn pics here, but look at the insane list of features on Nokia’s forums.

First, it supports an insane number of mobile networks, but it also has Wifi. Then look – the thing has a frigging FM tuner, TV out jack, takes MicroSD cards, opens basically every Microsoft document format, GPS… all that, plus a 5Megapixel camera and includes a friggin’ Video Editor? Whoa. And plus – it’s running on the Symbian OS, so you can load it full of apps, or even develop them yourself. Niiiiiice. Also, check out review, which includes samples of the camera quality.

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