Who killed Kenny?

” The self-described “ignorant-ass hillbilly” dispensed with etiquette the day his brother’s body arrived at a California morgue. The government insisted Kenneth “Kenny” Trentadue committed suicide in federal prison. But evidence suggesting otherwise vanished, while much of that supporting the government’s theory was jiggered or plucked from thin air.

In trying to unravel the mystery, Jesse traced the loose threads to a band of government-hating, neo-Nazi bank robbers who may have played a part in planning, if not executing, the deadliest homegrown terrorist attack on U.S. soil. What’s more, he’s turned up a trove of official documents indicating the plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building unfolded under the government’s nose and, à la 9/11, could have been thwarted. Some survivors believe Jesse is their best chance of getting answers that the government either can’t, or won’t, provide. ”


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