Why the InterTubes are clogged

Because people keep letting their 12 yr old children use video cameras and upload things to the you-tube.. Things like:

which is some sad over privileged child upset about god knows what telling all of the InterTubes how ‘hard’ and ‘mean’ and ‘not afraid’ she may be… all while forgetting that she needs to properly clean off the mascara she cried all over her face not 5 minutes prior to this video… Additionally, her vocal stylings are not ‘cute’ or ‘cool’ or ‘hard’, they are just dumb.

On the other hand atleast it’s not something like:

which is an improvement… atleast in video-1 someone’s parents won’t be too horrified at their little precious’s activities, only their use/abuse of the english language and obvious lack of a sense of irony. Video-2’s parents will have to employ the cyanide capsule all parents keep ‘just in case’.

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