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DuckDNS is a free dynamic DNS services built on top of Amazon AWS as a response to DynDNS shutting down their free service. From DuckDNS – it’s free and always will be.

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Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto (?? ?? Sakamoto Ry?ichi?, born January 17, 1952) (Japanese pronunciation: [sakamoto ?ju??it?i]) is a Japanese musician, activist, composer, record producer, writer, singer, pianist, and actor based in Tokyo and New York. Beginning his career in 1978 as a member … Continue reading

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Whee! I crashed my nas.

On one side, it kind of sucks. On the other side – it gives me an excuse to move from 2tb drives to 4tb drives. Mail servers and webservers recreated, but SQL is backed up – so no real data … Continue reading

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websaver A screen-saver for OS-X that displays web pages

A very simple screen saver with a single simple purpose. You specify a web page URL and, optionally, a reload time. The page will then be displayed when your machine is idle. Supports simple motion-sensor input for screen control.

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Introspective, Social economy theory, and politics

So tonight, I had a little quiet manual labor, and with that came a little philosophy. I was assembling a new grill, and it had been beat up pretty bad in the process of delivery or handling either on the … Continue reading

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Quadcopter Fyling

I went out to behind the Glassworks Gallery in Sperryville, VA on Sunday (4/20/14) and tried a little flying. Here’s some of the video I took.  

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Why are Christians so concerned with sex? tldr: what if the concepts were really about changing an institutionalized system of forced prostitution and not about trying to control what happens among consulting adults?

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Mac OS X v10.4 and later: How to prevent .DS_Store file creation over network connections

To configure a Mac OS X user account so that .DS_Store files are not created when interacting with a remote file server using the Finder, follow the steps below:Note: This will affect the user’s interactions with SMB/CIFS, AFP, NFS, and … Continue reading

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Return to LCDProc

A while ago I placed with LCDProc. Back then the equipment was pretty expensive and big, and the configuration wasn’t very easy. Recently I built a new 2U server to run Zoneminder, and after getting it going – thought it … Continue reading

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Dr. Easy on Vimeo

Dr. Easy on Vimeo on Vimeo via Dr. Easy on Vimeo.

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