The Lark Ascending

They used this to wrap up Childhood’s End, and it was a nice choice.

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Adding a static arp to Windows Server 2012

For some reason, my windows server wouldn’t talk to one of my network devices. It would talk to all the others, but not this one. I tried changing the ip address of the device, and even swapped it out for a similar device of a different model and manufacturer. Still no dice. When I looked closer, I saw that the ip address of the device wasn’t in the arp table on the windows server, so I tried to manually add it.

arp -s IP.Address Mac.Address

Error message, you don’t have sufficient privileges.

Ok, so let’s try this in CMD as Administrator

Error message, permission denied.

A quick google search, and I found that I need to use netsh instead.

netsh interface ip add neighbors "Network card name here" "" "MAC-address-of-gateway-with-dash-here"

bam! Ping and network connectivity fixed. The WHY of this happening is still a mystery however.

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DuckDNS is a free dynamic DNS services built on top of Amazon AWS as a response to DynDNS shutting down their free service. From DuckDNS – it’s free and always will be.

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Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto (?? ?? Sakamoto Ry?ichi?, born January 17, 1952) (Japanese pronunciation: [sakamoto ?ju??it?i]) is a Japanese musician, activist, composer, record producer, writer, singer, pianist, and actor based in Tokyo and New York. Beginning his career in 1978 as a member of the electronic music group Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO),[1][2] Sakamoto served on keyboards and sometimes vocals. The band was an international success, with worldwide hits such as “Computer Game / Firecracker” (1978) and “Behind the Mask” (1978),[3] later playing a pioneering role in the techno and acid house movements of the 1990s.[4]

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Whee! I crashed my nas.

On one side, it kind of sucks. On the other side – it gives me an excuse to move from 2tb drives to 4tb drives.

Mail servers and webservers recreated, but SQL is backed up – so no real data lost. Stuff may look ugly for a while.

Mitt Romney

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websaver A screen-saver for OS-X that displays web pages

A very simple screen saver with a single simple purpose. You specify a web page URL and, optionally, a reload time. The page will then be displayed when your machine is idle.

Supports simple motion-sensor input for screen control.

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Introspective, Social economy theory, and politics

So tonight, I had a little quiet manual labor, and with that came a little philosophy.

I was assembling a new grill, and it had been beat up pretty bad in the process of delivery or handling either on the way, or while in my local store. I had to take pliers to it, reshape it back to it’s original configuration before it would fit together according to the instructions.

I was thinking about this particular big box store, and how it had once been one of the dominant forces in consumer goods, and was now just kind of a shell of it’s former self.

That reminded me that I’d seen one of my old coworkers on LinkedIn list working at that particular store in his online resume.

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Quadcopter Fyling

I went out to behind the Glassworks Gallery in Sperryville, VA on Sunday (4/20/14) and tried a little flying. Here’s some of the video I took.


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Why are Christians so concerned with sex?

tldr: what if the concepts were really about changing an institutionalized system of forced prostitution and not about trying to control what happens among consulting adults?

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Mac OS X v10.4 and later: How to prevent .DS_Store file creation over network connections

To configure a Mac OS X user account so that .DS_Store files are not created when interacting with a remote file server using the Finder, follow the steps below:Note: This will affect the user’s interactions with SMB/CIFS, AFP, NFS, and WebDAV servers. Open Terminal. Execute this command: defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true Either restart the computer or log out and back in to the user account.

via Mac OS X v10.4 and later: How to prevent .DS_Store file creation over network connections.

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