A Sixth sense?

I was reading through my most recent Make magazine and came across an article about people who are having magnets implanted into their fingertips. Apparently the way in which the nerves grow around the magnetic implants allows these people to be able to sense electrical fields. The article claimed that 100% of the people tested were able to tell the difference between a live and in-active 110VAC cable. I’m not quite sure of the testing criteria, and the review that I just read seems to indicate that there’s some updates that need to be done to the technology before it’s safe for general use – but it sounds pretty interesting.

I wonder if it makes metal detectors go off? Given the zippers/etc on normal clothing – I’d guess those implants wouldn’t set off anything. The concept of using magnetic dust has potential too. Note that earlier story – I’d guess you’ll exempt yourself from MRI’s.

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  1. zinger says:

    Wired has just posted a story on this here.

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