Back in the saddle…

This morning I rode to work for the first time since my infamous crash on May 31st at the Guard Shack where I flipped over my handlebars.  I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and got six stitches in the chin, had a banged up knee, cuts around the eye, fat and bloody lip, banged up shoulder, sprained writs, and other injuries that didn’t show up for a month later.  Lucky for me Jason digs chics with scars. 

I have ridden twice since my crash and I’m on my bike a month earlier than my doctor would have liked.  Last weekend I bought a new helmet since my old one saved my life and shattered into a gazillion pieces.  I paide $5 more and bought the girlie pink/purple helmet.  I tried to buy the boy helmet but it just didn’t fit right and since my old girlie helmet saved me from being a vegtable for the rest of my life, $5 is nothing… however it is pink.  My old one wasn’t a girlie color.  I also bought scar medicine last week.  Zinger went with me to the plastic surgeon two days after my accident.  The quack tried to sell me $60 worth of silicon gel for my face.  I’m married with two kids.  I come to work with oatmeal and kid snot in my hair.  My face isn’t worth $60.  However whenever I go to the caffeteria with Julie, she looks up at my chin on the escalator, and goes “Adrienne, you really need to do something about that scar.”  So I went online and found something for $11 that has the same ingredients as the $60 version and I can pick it up at the grocery store.  And since I no longer get to see Jason on a somewhat daily basis any more  :(     , no one will dig me and my scar.  I’ll see if I look better in 6 weeks.

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3 Responses to Back in the saddle…

  1. zinger says:

    Julie is not your friend.

  2. adrienne says:

    I saw a deer drink out of the brook this morning on my ride in 🙂

  3. Evil_bastard says:

    Re the accident: ouch!

    As a parent of a 10 month old, I can see where stitches on your face could be really tricky (baby grabbing for them) — I can’t even wear my glasses around my daughter without her grabbing at them.

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