Bang-cap Kitties

Yes, it’s probably a name of a band, but under this story’s context – it’s the final and only successful cat/plant discouragement system after a year of trial and error/failure.

So, I have this sort of palm-like plant thing that I adopted when a company office was closing down. It’s supposed to look like this.

It’s been the favorite meal of the cat every since it came into the house. Now it looks like this.

I’ve tried all suggestions that I could get. I tried “Bitter End“, I tried ““Boundary”, I tried “Texas Pete“, I tried “Sriracha“, I tried “Mustard”, I tried tin foil, I tried double sided sticky tape. Nothing phased him.

So, one of my neighbors had brought back a “toilet seat booby trap” prank.

I decided that I’d give it a try. What I do is put a AAA battery on top of them, so that if the cat knocks it over it goes “bang”.

So I set it up. Cat went over, knocked it over, raced around the house for about ten minutes – and that was about it. He’s basically stayed away from these things since.

It worked so well, I ordered ten of them and put them around the counters and other places I’m trying to keep the cats away from.

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