Buying the Satan’s Number for the Catholic School Raffle = no chance in hell in winning

So my oldest nephew ended up starting the 9th grade at Dematha all Boy’s Catholic High School.  This is amusing on many factors.

1.  His father and I were raised pretty strict Catholic.   I think we needed to get a doctors note to get out of Sunday Mass and Holy Days’ of Obligation.  Considering our Mother is a Registered Nurse (schooled at Catholic University), we could not pull a Ferris Bueller and get out of Church.   His father converted to Lutheranism after marrying his wife and all three boys are being raised Lutheran

2. My Nephew will be wearing a tie more days in his Freshman year alone than his father has in his almost 20 year govt career.

Apparently everything at Dematha is a raffle.  No stupid wrapping paper or gross froze pizzas for sale.  So Saturday, my nephew cornered me for a raffle ticket.  Considering his parents owed my $20, I thought it was a fair trade.  I get a raffle tkt, he gets to get the money from his parents.

What is the number of the ticket I get?


Ok, a 666 Dematha Catholic High School Raffle Ticket would be worth more on E-Bay, but it’s really the address of Hell and than the cantos number.

After seeing the ticket stub, I know I have no chance in hell of winning the Honda Civic or $10k.

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