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Test with libxml fix plugin

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sevenup – Google Code

Help rid the world of IE6 with one line of javascript! Easily require (or just encourage) IE versions 7 and up with this extremely small javascript include. (Users of non-IE browsers are unaffected.) via sevenup – Google Code.

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YouTube – The mirasol Display Explained

YouTube – The mirasol Display Explained.

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RackMonkey – Open Source Rack & Asset Management Software

RackMonkey is a web-based tool for managing racks of equipment such as web servers, video encoders, routers and storage devices. Using a simple interface you can keep track of what’s where, which OS it runs, when it was purchased, who … Continue reading

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eMedia Rant: reduced value = bad business model

I unexpectedly received a Kindle for Christmas. Did I want one – sure! E-Ink, long battery life, always on Sprint EVDO, limited web browsing – it’s a totally cool concept. But with it’s $360 price at or above the cost … Continue reading

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AutoScan-Network, Network Tool – Home

AutoScan-Network is a network discovering and managing application. No configuration is required to scan your network. The main goal is to print the list of connected equipments in your network. Features: •Multithreaded Scan •Automatic network discovery •Low surcharge on the … Continue reading

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WifiZoo does the following: -gathers bssid->ssid information from beacons and probe responses *(now the graph contains the ssid of the bssid :), new in v1.1)* -gathers list of unique SSIDS found on probe requests (you can keep track of all … Continue reading

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Analysis: Dual-Core Snapdragon and Netbooks from Qualcomm | UMPCPortal – The Mobile Internet and Computing Reference Site

First of all a little background about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. Its a small-form-factor, mobile computing platform (think of it as a ready-to-use computer on a tiny motherboard a bit like the image you see below-right.) that includes a CPU core which … Continue reading

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Engineers Rule –

Honda has never had an unprofitable year. It has never had to lay off employees. In the fiscal year that ended in March, profit grew 12%, to $5.1 billion, on $84 billion in sales. In the U.S., which accounts for … Continue reading

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Why legislative organizations shouldn’t try to write tech law

This is an unfortunately common type of situation – the people making the laws don’t understand the concepts of security or attack, or not well enough to figure out a way to respond to them. Rather than trying to put … Continue reading

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