This week I’ve been a witness to three people losing their employment involuntarily. All of them are having it happen through a course of actions that I’m sure, did not think it would lead to this situation. All are devastated, but will do their best to act like it’s no big deal.

An author once described chronically injured people at an ER as being in one of two categories. Some are polite and considerate, giving thanks and leaving helpful messages for everyone on their way out. The others were so absorbed in their own pain that they didn’t see anyone else.

That applies to jobs too, but it’d easier to classify. People who don’t give a shit, who could not care less, they’re out. They’ll have another gig, work as well or as little there, and move on. That’s probably smarter – make your achievements something you actually control and your life is almost certain to be happier.

People who care, worked hard, and are invested in their jobs are the other ones. They had a plan, a goal that at least, if undefined, involved that place and those people and working on that stuff for the foreseeable future. Now all that is gone. Like some timeline tornado, it’s all wiped clear and they have to start fresh and rebuild.

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