Dinosaur Mummy

They’ve apparently found several dinosaur mummies throughout the last century or so. Recently, in Montanna, they found a duckbilled dinosaur that was petrified, with some skin and muscle intact.

That’s great. Why are human mummies so scary, yet dinosaur mummies are supposed to be cute and scientifically interesting? Probably because humans in general are scary. We’re scarier than sharks, and sharks rule! I think of them as nature’s “little pranksters of the sea”.

Why are people scary, you may ask? Look in the mirror sometime. Ugh! Well, I don’t mean me, I mean you. I look in the mirror and think “hmm, I’d be much cooler if I were a shark, but I can’t be. At least I’m not a petrified dinosaur mummy that no one’s even scared of.”

Think about that.

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