Finally found wamas.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been thinking that I either needed to find the local reef group or else start one. Thankfully I just found wamas.

I just joined their group, and am looking forward to meeting them next Saturday in Manassas.

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2 Responses to Finally found wamas.

  1. chrism says:

    I do say… now you’ve gone over the deep end and into the abyss of nerd-dom.

  2. zinger says:

    Oh, not even close. Check out what I’m currently looking at.

    The multi-axis solution seems to work best. Gnuplot seems to max out at 2x and 2y axes (axi?).

    The local club makes sense, no reason why I should offer up something for $5 to a local fish store that they sell for $70. I’d rather trade it for $10 or just another frag instead.

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