Get Over Yourselves, Airports

When my wife and I got to the airport, we were informed that I was checked in but she was in danger of being bumped off the flight because it was oversold. I reacted to this news by informing the agent I felt that this was “unfair.” The ticket was pre-purchased. We were traveling together. It was the last flight of the night and we needed to be on it. I was firm but I wasn’t overly aggressive — no cursing, no loud talking, no six vodka tonics before boarding (three, max). Plain and simple, the woman behind the counter was being a derogatory term for the female anatomy. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor, to which she replied, “Go sit down or you can talk to the police.” After I wondered aloud if Sting and Stuart Copeland were on the flight, she repeated herself. “Go sit down or you can talk to the police.” Yep, she was serious. She was trying to turn a minor disagreement into a jail-worthy confrontation.

The Huffington Post

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