Getting “kicked” out of the Catholic Church…

First I’m sorry I didn’t keep the letter. It went straight into the trash. I would post it otherwise.

So apparently sometime in the fall or around Christmas I got a letter from the Catholic Church asking me to confirm my info. I don’t recall such a letter, but according to the letter I got last week from Priest What-His-Face I did. The new one last week threatening to “unregister” me and da family unless I confirm my information. I found the letter insulting. The only reason I wrote in big letters “NO CHANGES” and sent it back was because I’m about to give birth. I am going to get this kid dunked in the water by the Catholics because it’s easy to get baptized Catholic as a baby versus as a child or adult.  Then I’m thinking of converting.

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2 Responses to Getting “kicked” out of the Catholic Church…

  1. chrism says:

    How much do you pay to get baptized? that’s some money-making system they got over there in catholic-land…

  2. adrienne says:

    you make a “donation” – amount unspecified. I left a check and a poopie diaper at the church the last time I had a kid dunked

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