Highlander: The Source…

So in September, I was up late working and watching Highlander: The Source on Sci Fi. First of all if I can draw Visio’s through it, it’s not a good movie. Highlander is one of my favorite movies. Highlander the Series is one of my favorite shows. You never dared to interrupt me during a new episode of Highlander. The fact that I could work through this movie, is a sign that it was bad.

I’m going to go into spoilers right now… so stop reading if you want to ever watch this.

I was searching through Highlander sites looking for baby name ideas when I read that Highlander: The Source was the first in a trilogy. Ok, lets reflect. Highlander – the original movie ended with Connor MacLeod being “There can be one” and the remaining Immortal. There is no Highlander 2. I refuse to acknowledge it’s existence so lets just end it there. Than there was Highlander 3 where they defrosted Mario Van Peeples – ok I’ll accept its existence. Highlander 4 erases one and three with Duncan MacLeod -a few generations younger “cousin” of Connor -winning the prize and becoming the remaining mortal. I love Duncan MacLeod. Loved Highlander: the Series based on him. Adrian Paul is the only guy with long hair I ever had a thing for. So now we have Highlander: the Source. It erases 1-4. In the first 30 minutes they kill off Joe Dawson – Duncan’s Watcher. I have a huge thing for Joe. HUGE. So now I’m annoyed, but I can understand why there is not a need for a Watcher and I’m still watching and drawing Visio’s. They than kill off Methos toward the end- the oldest known remaining immortal. and also a member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  I have a HUGE thing for Methos. I don’t know…. Joe, Methos, Duncan… It was a great show. So Duncan wins and gets to have a child with his girlfriend who is suppose to be his real true love. First, Tessa Noel was his real true love… not whoever this chic was. Second, immortals can’t have kids, so by winning “this prize” he gets to have a kid.

So for the fifth time they have killed off all the immortals… what are they going to do next? They already used the “lets defrost one from the freezer” approach.

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