I Won’t Return to Reston Multiplex for Superman

This is the letter I’m mailing today to the Reston Multiplex Theater Manager because of the ultra crappy experience I had last Friday Night at Superman Returns.  I did leave out how it was being shown in an ultra crappy small theater because he can’t control the theater infrastructure.  He can control his staff though.  I’ll let you know if I get a response.  I’m expecting none.  As for the Movie… the beginning was good, the ending was good, the middle – ehh  typical action flick – shoot, punch, blow up, flip car, blah blah 

Dear Manager:


On Friday, July 21st my husband and I attended the 9:50pm showing of Superman Returns.  We chose to visit the Reston Multiplex because the show time of the movie worked best with our schedule compared with other area theaters.  However, we were seriously disappointed by our experience at your theater. 

Thirty minutes into the movie your staff decided to empty the trash can.  With thirty minutes left in the movie, your staff decided to open the exit door by the screen.  My husband and I have two small children and we go to the movies for the experience – no disruptions, no distractions.  My husband had to close the door to the theater after the previews ended and there were no paper towels in the ladies room. We could have received the same experience at home and have saved the ticket money.  I’m sad to say that if we had a choice of going to see a movie at the Reston Town Center Multiplex or waiting for it to be on HBO, we would wait for it to come out on HBO.  I hope you take this feedback to heart so other guest will not have an unsatisfactory visit like we experienced.

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  1. Evil_bastard says:

    Geez, I never appreciated the difference between a bad movie and good movie in theatres until I became a parent.
    You get so little time to go out, that the experience had better be worth it.

    Around the time I was moving from the Reston/Herndon area, I was pretty damn fed up with the service industry there. It seemed like people working everyday McJobs (like retail, theatres, etc) seemed to think they were above the job they were doing.

    I could post a long list of stores etc that I de facto boycotted due to crappy service back in VA, but haven\’t encountered the same problems with customer service at those places out here in WA (plus, I don\’t have the energy to rant like I used to).

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