IFail at IPhone

Whee, big Fail Whale for me.

On Friday, I went to two AT&T stores – both had sold out hours ago. On Saturday I went to a third one, which hadn’t had any new phones since the day before. Saturday evening I went to the mall and saw the apple store had a line – but was hungry, didn’t want to wait, and was concerned that since they were sold out of the 16g black phone, they’d run out of the 16g white by the time I got my turn to buy one. Went back Sunday at 1:30 – they’d closed the waiting line.

When I asked the employee standing at the front of the apple store answering questions (I felt sorry for her, a bunch of people were being really rude about not being able to just walk in and get a phone that day) whether the line was closed due to stock or activation issues she said “Apple wants to make sure that everybody who’s standing in line gets the phone they want, so the decision was made to close the line.” To me that means activation issues.

So, that’s five attempts for me and no success – I’ll probably try again later this week.

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  1. Jason says:

    Nah, activation issues were fixed towards the end of the day Friday. Don’t know exactly why they would close the line, possibly shortage in stock? After all, over one million iphones sold.

    I know that apple short changed the AT&T stores quite a bit, with AT&T stores maybe having between 40 and 100 phones, as compared to the apple stores that probably had a good thousand plus ( possibly 2 or 3k ).

    I would guess that the lines are much less now and you could probably show up early for one ( 9am instead of 10am when the stores generally open ), or by the end of the week, who knows, you may be able to just walk in any time to get one.

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