Imogen Heap

In December 2003, Heap announced on her web site that she was going to write and produce her second solo album, using her site as an online blog to update fans on progress, and even seeking them to be her A&R team for the lyrics to “Daylight Robbery” (which started out as a sample recorded for a television advert). Heap set herself a deadline of one year to make the album, booking a session to master the album exactly one year ahead in December 2004. Having seen how much her flat was now worth, thanks to a neighbour moving, she re-mortgaged her flat to fund production costs, including renting a studio (previously inhabited by UK grime artist, Dizzee Rascal), and purchasing instruments (as a birthday present to herself). During the year, demo versions of tracks were played on US radio station, KCRW, who had also supported the Frou Frou record. At the end of 2004, with the album completed, Heap premiered two album tracks online, enabling fans to purchase them prior to the album’s release – “Just For Now” (which was up for a limited time as a Christmas gift), and “Goodnight And Go,” which had been featured on the second season of hit US TV drama The O.C. early in the month. Heap announced at a December 2006 concert in Lawrence, KS that the track “Just For Now” was also originally written for The O.C. as a combination Christmas and Hanukkah song titled “Chrismukkah” but was deemed by the producers to be “too dark.” In April 2005, The O.C. featured another track, the sparse vocodered-vocal track, “Hide And Seek” in the closing scenes of the season two finale. The track was released immediately to digital download services, such as iTunes, in the USA, where it became an instant fixture in the chart. The track was released to iTunes UK on July 5, 2005 — the same day as the UK airing of the season finale — and peaked at #1 on the iTunes download chart, as well as entering the official UK download chart.

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    I love her stuff, she’s an amazing artist.

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